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The Student Parliament of Třebíč

Founded on14th January 2004 Guarantor: Private Secondary School of Public Administration The Student Parliament of Trebic was originally formed mostly by members of the Rozhrani editorial team (the student paper). Nowadays almost all Trebic´s elementary, junior and senior high schools take part in this project (circa 8000 kids and youth). Since having been founded, the completely new project not only meaningfully fills kids´ leisure time absolutely together with the generally supported activities focused on strenghtening of local democracy, but also involves kids and youth to opportunities to affect the local events so that this age group could have its own space for its self - realization. The Parliament meets once a month, the Parliamentary commitee once in 14 days on its regular sessions. Moreover, the members of the Parliament také part in many events organized either by themselves or just being presented there. Nowadays, The Student Parliament of Trebic consists of almost 60 active members and on 14th January 2006 it celebrated its 2nd birthday. The project is supported by the Fund of Vysočina in The Leisure Time Activities Programme 2006 and by the Municipal Fund of Třebíč in the Healthy Town Programme.

Co-ordinator: Ing Renata Hrušková
Chairwoman: Marcela Kloudová
I. Vice-Chairman: Miloslava Hrušková
II. Vice-Chairwoman: Boleslav Šmejkal
Chairman of the Commitee for School Relations : Jan Benáček
Chairman of the Commitee for Public Relations : Lucie Hamerlová
Chairwoman of the Commitee for Leisure time Activities: Martina Kajnarová
Chairwoman of the Commitee for Media: Jakub Hruška

The best municipal project in the Healthy Town Programme
Participation in the state competition TOPREGION 2005

You can find us in:
Deník Vysočina, Rozhraní – every issue contains a column about running and planned activities of SPMT, press conferences of the city council, Horácké noviny, Třebíčský zpravodaj, and Třebíčské noviny.

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